Mar 18 2009

Please consider adopting an adult pet

Please consider adopting an adult pet. There are many reasons to adopt adult pets rather than puppies or kittens. Please read the article below for more information about adopting adult animals.

Every animal rescue and shelter can tell you – kittens and puppies are always the first to be adopted – while extraordinary and lovable adult cats and dogs wait much longer on average to find their forever homes. Of course, everybody loves a fluffy, playful kitten or puppy. How to resist those big puppy eyes or those clownish kitten antics?! The problem is, they grow up – and fast! Many a beloved kitten or puppy then becomes an unwanted cat or dog who end up with a rescue like ours – or much worse. There are numerous benefits to adopting an adult animal:

  • Many adult dogs come to you already knowing at least their basic obedience commands and house-broken, saving you a lot of time, effort and expense in training.
  • They WILL still “bond” with you – if you show them love and respect and kindness. In fact, many adult animals have had difficult, painful lives on the streets or in bad homes, so they are extremely grateful and loyal to the person who adopts them and gives them a better life.
  • They NEED you. The puppy or kitten will be adopted. The adult may not be. You are truly saving a life when you give an adult animal a home.
    • An old dog/cat CAN learn new tricks! The old myth that an adult animal cannot be trained are just that – myths. Adult animals have longer attention spans and better recall than puppies or kittens, so they often actually learn new behaviors more quickly than a puppy or kitten.
    • What you see is what you get. While a puppy or kitten’s personality and behavior traits are as yet undeveloped, an adult dog or cat already has an established personality. If you’re looking for a calm dog or an outgoing cat, you will be able to tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is what you are adopting when you take home an adult. Also, a full-grown dog hides no surprises about just how big or small he/she will be!

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