Dec 05 2009

Ferret Health

Ferrets are wonderful, fun-loving, and curious pets. If you are a ferret owner, you probably know that ferrets can be a handful, but well worth the time invested! Did you know that ferrets need vaccines? The canine distemper virus can be devastating to ferrets, and they can contract the virus as easily as a dog can. We recommend a yearly Ferret Canine Distemper Vaccine. Ferrets also need Rabies vaccines, and we use the 3 year canine vaccine.

Other tips to keep your ferrets healthy include bringing them in for yearly physicals, feeding them a healthy ferret carnivore diet such as Wysong or Evo (kitten food is too high in fat and most ferret treats are high in carbohydrates; these are not recommended), and monitoring for signs of illness. Ferrets typically live about 7-8 years, and there is a variety of common illnesses that can affect them, such as adrenal disease, gastrointestinal disease, and cancer (lymphoma and pancreatic insulinomas). Signs that could indicate that your ferret is sick include hair loss, itchiness, diarrhea, poor appetite, drinking more water/urinating more frequently, weight loss, and decreased activity.

If you note any of these symptoms or if you want to set up a yearly physical and vaccines, please make an appointment with Dr. Peter Muller III or Dr. Shannon South today!

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