May 03 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday is Mother’s Day!  Don’t forget to call your mom, or send her a card.  But what about your pets?  Do they celebrate Mother’s Day?  Different species or not, they are our kids!

Approximately 2/3 of American households have a pet.  Many of them have more than one companion.  The work to care for our pets can almost be equated to caring for a human child.  We have to make sure they are clean, fed, and sheltered.  On top of that, we make sure they are groomed (thankfully cats will take care of this themselves, but some may need help), get any medications they need, and see their doctor on a regular basis.

The love our pets give us is unconditional.  Although they have an adolescent stage, they don’t usually treat us the way teenagers treat their parents.  Dogs anxiously await our arrival home after a day of work, and cats are never happier than when snuggling in our laps.  My cats have never asked me for the latest video game or a cell phone, nor have they given me the cold shoulder when told no.  They would much rather play with an empty box or a ring from the milk jug.

Many pet owners give their furry children gifts on holidays and a growing number of people sign their pet’s name when sending a card.  So why not let their mom know how much they appreciate her?  If you’re a single father, make sure your pet celebrates you next month!

How about you?  Will you be doing anything special to mark the day with your adopted children?

Sparta and Mommy

Sparta and Mommy

ePet Websites Admin | Atlanta Pet Blog, Living with pets

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