Jun 11 2011

Gold Kitty *See article for update!



This is Gold Kitty, an FIV+ kitty who needs a good home! He was found living in a cat colony, but wasn’t getting along with the others. He had an abscess on his face from fighting and was malnourished, and he wanted to make friends with the people living nearby. He is recovering well and getting his spirit back. His wound is healing and he has gained some weight. Now he just needs to find a loving home!
FIV is not a death sentence, and cats with the virus can lead long, happy lives. They need a bit of extra attention, but it’s worth it! Here is some information on FIV: http://www.bestfriends.org/theanimals/petcare/cats_fiv.cfm
If you have room in your heart for Gold Kitty, please message us here or give us a call at 404 835 1216.

**Update!  Gold Kitty is now named Joseph, and is living at the FurKids rescue organization.  He still needs a home!  Please contact us or Furkids to inquire about adopting this beautiful boy.

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