Jun 29 2011

Music and animals

Do your pets love music?  Lots of animals do, and it can affect their mood and behavior.

We’ve all seen dogs howling along to music.  The question is, are they enjoying it or complaining?  Soothing music does seem to help them settle down while loud, harsh music upsets them.  I wish we knew what genre they preferred, so we could play it for them when they seem out of sorts, although I’m sure musical taste varies a bit from dog to dog.

Cats can be obviously bothered by music, but they sometimes love it, too.  I’ve heard stories of cats who like to play piano, and YouTube is chock full of videos of just that.  While allegations have been made that catnip was placed between the keys to get the cats to paw at them, they still seem to enjoy the sounds they’re making.

Cats would like to think themselves sophisticated, so they may gravitate to classical.  What would dogs prefer?  I know some rock star dogs, but I’ve met a few who would probably like easy listening better.

The Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital is conducting a study to see if classical music played in veterinary exam rooms will have a calming effect on cats, and possibly their owners.  Many cats don’t visit the vet as often as perhaps they should because they get stressed and fractious.  The results of this study will be interesting to read, and it may lead to more Beethoven at your local animal hospital.

Do your pets like music?  What genre is their favorite?

Play ’em off, Keyboard Cat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J—aiyznGQ


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