Aug 03 2011

Global Rescue Cat Week

The folks over at have declared this week to be Global Rescue Cat Week.  They are going to celebrate it by having their readers send in their stories and pictures of their rescue cats.

Celebrating the pets we love dearly is always a fun thing to do.  Our dogs and cats have personalities uniquely their own, but many more people get to see our dogs.  When we take them out for walks, go to the park, or even bring them with us to sit on a nice patio when we’re going out for dinner, passersby get to pet them and we regale them with stories of their cuteness.  Cats don’t usually get that type of attention, unless you’ve trained them to walk on a leash (which is a feat in itself!).  This will provide an outlet for us to share their stories and their quirks with others.

A friend of ours, very much a dog person, once told me that he didn’t like cats because they don’t have personality.  After visiting us for an hour or so, Panther had won him over.  Our alpha cat had decided that this friend needed to have his lap warmed and his hands occupied with ear scratching.  Granted, Panther acts more like a dog than a cat.  He comes when you call him, and he’s dog aggressive.  He’s chased two large dogs out of our house on three separate occasions, once while wearing an e-collar (a.k.a. the cone of shame).  He’s also not what you’d call the most nimble of cats, being around twenty pounds.

We rescued from an acquaintance, whose cat had had kittens that were headed to the shelter.  We also got his sister, a tuxie named Boodus.  The black and black-and-white duo run this place.  They take their turns sleeping with our older daughter, and tolerating the open-mouthed kisses and too-tight hugs from the 1-year-old.  I have two other cats who were adopted from Briarcliff Animal Clinic, both with special needs, but that is a post for another day.

Since Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat was in June, but kitten season is still alive and well, I think Global Rescue Cat Week is a great idea!  It not only tells the stories of rescued cats, but it brings attention to the joy that adopted kitties can bring to a home.  There are still many cats and kittens out there who are looking for homes who may have missed the campaign a month ago.  That doesn’t mean they should be forgotten.

What is your rescue cat’s story?  Do you have room in your heart and home for another kitty?

Panther is so elegant.

Panther is so elegant.

Boodus's favorite nap spot as a kitten.

Boodus's favorite napping spot as a kitten.

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