Sep 20 2011

Less-Adoptable Pets

We’re right in the middle of Adopt A Less-Adoptable Pet week.  Petfinder has dedicated this week to animals who are often overlooked by potential adopters.  These include pets with chronic illnesses or handicaps, those with darker fur, and more mature animals.

Through no fault of their own, these little loves seem less desirable.  When someone is surfing the adoptees on web sites or walking past them at the shelter, the cute kittens or affectionate puppies overshadow the others.  With so many looking for homes, it’s easy to see the cuter ones and forget the ones who need us more.

Blind pets, FIV-positive cats, kittens with cerebellar hyperplasia, animals with mobility problems, older pets, and those with other disorders may take a bit more work than those without.  Often owners say that caring for these pets is more fulfilling.  Knowing that they are really and truly needed can give people a sense of purpose.  And the love that a cat or dog who is dependent on you not just for food and shelter but for smaller day-to-day tasks can feel deeper.

This week, and throughout the year, if you’re looking to adopt a pet, think about bringing home someone who will appreciate you more than you can imagine.  Adopt a cat with special needs, or a dog with black fur.  If you can give them what they need, they will certainly give you all the love they have.

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