Oct 24 2011

A follow-up on the proposed new MARTA station – meeting is tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

We just want to follow up about tomorrow’s meeting regarding the Clifton Corridor extension of MARTA at the Silver Bell Pavilion at the Emory Conference Center Hotel from 5:30PM until 8:30PM with the presentation at 6PM.

In the last week, we have been able to talk with several key people involved in developing the plan that is being presented. We want our friends and neighbors to know our thoughts:

  • We are not opposed to a MARTA station somewhere in the Sage Hill/Emory area.
  • We question why the station is being proposed in the parking lot of Briarcliff Animal Clinic when there are more suitable undeveloped tracts of land in the immediate area.
  • Though the current proposal calls for offering us parking spaces in a MARTA deck, we cannot see this as feasible. The intersection of Zonolite and Briarcliff will become a major thoroughfare for both car and bus traffic entering and exiting the station. Clients with pets would not be able to safely navigate the crossing. Recent research shows difficulty getting a pet to and from a veterinarian’s office is a leading cause of pets not getting the care they need. A cumbersome parking and entrance situation only exacerbates this issue. Our ability to grow and thrive would be severely hampered by the difficulty our clients would face in attempting to park, enter and exit our hospital.
  • In addition, any future expansion of our hospital or services would be impossible. Our plans for a state of the art boarding facility cannot be pursued nor can we explore any other expansion options if all our available land is owned by MARTA. It is not reasonable to assume a business that has grown with the neighborhood for 53 years would now be asked to stagnate and stop evolving to meet the needs of our clients and their pets.
  • If the MARTA station cannot be moved, we have come to a clear conclusion: Briarcliff Animal Clinic will need to be moved.
  • Interestingly, a suitable piece of property about two miles from our current location was available three years ago. We considered the possibility and decided against it, as we saw no real reason to move. Had we had any idea of the work being planned, we would have likely made a different decision!
  • We are major stakeholders in the plans being publically vetted, but we were not informed and have had no input. Moving forward, we want to be at the table.

We want to be cooperative and work toward a solution that allows both MARTA and Braircliff Animal Clinic to grow, thrive and serve our community. We ask for your support at Tuesday’s meeting.

Dr. Peter Muller III, ABVP

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