Nov 01 2011

Clifton Corridor Survey

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Clifton Corridor Public Open House meeting on October 25th to show support! With your involvement, we will have much needed representation moving forward in our efforts to conserve Briarcliff Animal Clinic in MARTA’s plans to build a station on our property. If you missed the meeting, and are unaware of what is being proposed, the following link provides details of the plan to connect the Lindbergh and Avondale MARTA stations through the Sage Hill/Emory area:

Briarcliff Animal Clinic is dear to the community, and with the support of our clients we have a better chance of making this situation right for our hospital. I urge everyone in support of Briarcliff Animal Clinic to complete a brief public survey to give MARTA our feedback in writing.  The survey can be found online at the following link:

This survey asks for your input regarding the type of rail to be installed and yourcomments.  It is due by November 8th.

Our feelings about the Clifton Corridor project are that we could not function as a veterinary clinic with the noise and hazards of construction and the greatly increased car and bus traffic once the station is complete.  It is crucial that we provide a safe and calm environment for our clients and patients.  Research shows that often pets do not receive the medical care they need because of the stress involved in getting to and from the vet.  This issue would be greatly exacerbated by having to park in a shared deck at a MARTA station and having to cross a street busy with cars and buses.  The loss of our property would make any future expansion of services impossible, further inhibiting our ability to serve our clients.

If you agree shared parking is not a possibility for Briarcliff Animal Clinic, please write in the comment section, “Regarding the proposed Sage Hill Marta Station, shared parking is not feasible for Briarcliff Animal Clinic.  The noise and congestion will upset the patients and make visits to the vet difficult and unsafe.” Of course, you may use your own words or express any other concerns you may have; we just want to make sure MARTA understands the nature of our business and the unique challenges of serving patrons who arrive on six legs!

To be clear, Briarcliff Animal Clinic is not against the Clifton Corridor project; it is a positive solution to the transportation problems in the area.  However, the current project plans would prevent us from being able to effectively serve our community.  We hope that all businesses affected by this project will be treated fairly, so that everyone in the community will benefit.

The MARTA survey is currently our best tool for making our needs known. It can be submitted online, or printed and mailed or faxed to:

Leah Vaughan
Sycamore Consulting
195 Arizona Avenue, Unit LW 4
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
FAX (404) 377-9091

Thank you again,

Peter J. Muller III, DVM

Briarcliff Animal Clinic

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