Oct 22 2012

The American Association of Feline Practitioners has given us their stamp of approval!

Briarcliff Animal Clinic has been granted membership into the American Association of Feline Practitioners. What this means is that we have met their standards for a cat-friendly hospital and we have access to the wealth of information they provide on feline health.

The AAFP requires that clinics who are members follow their guidelines in medical care and in handling cats, and that their facilities are set up for cats to be as comfortable as they can be during their vet visits. While these trips can be stressful for both the pets and their owners, our doctors and staff do their utmost to make each appointment as easy as possible.

As a member clinic, we also have access to publications that focus on feline health. These include guidelines and recommendations on training, vaccinations, medication use, handling and transportation, retrovirus testing, wellness care, neutering and other surgeries, and end of life issues including hospice care. Our veterinarians also receive their newsletters and weekly newsbriefs and have access to other feline-focused doctors for consults. The vets also have access to feline-specific continuing education programs.

Some changes we made to live up to their standards include having two feline-only examination rooms. These have feline pheromone diffusers which have a calming effect on cats. Keeping dogs out of them also reduces the scents that may upset your kitty, and we have soft towels on the exam tables for their comfort. We also are held to higher standards in following new guidelines that have been found to benefit feline health. We feel that these improvements and the AAFP’s seal of approval will assist us in providing the best care for the tabbies, mousers, and miniature lions that you share your home and heart with.

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