Nov 16 2012

Dylan Finds A Home!

Dylan picture

This past week at Briarcliff Animal, we received a letter from a very thankful cat named Dylan. Once a stray, Dylan has had quite the adventure before making it home to his current family. We’ve reprinted the contents of Dylan’s letter below. A special thank you to Dylan’s new mother, Carol Geist, for sharing his story with us.

“Dear Dr. Hedge,

Please share my story and undying gratitude to all the BAC staff. As you can see by my story, if it wasn’t for you, your staff, and the love they show to all their patirents, my life would not be what it is today. We all thank you for bringing this family together.”

—————Dylan (age 7 months)————-

“The Cat Who Would Be Loved”

This “tail” starts early in September when I wandered into the backyard of this lady who feeds strays and feral cats. Even though I was starving, I was so scared and I ran. I came back a couple of weeks later and got up the courage to come up to her and she fed me- the next thing I knew, I was in a cat carrier on my way to BAC. Unfortunately on my way into BAC, the door popped open and I fell out. I was so scared I ran off into the woods across the street. Even though Cecelia and 2 nice vet techs tried to help catch me, I was too scared and just kept running. Two days later I wandered into the yard of 2 nice ladies (off of Orchard/ N Decatur road) and they took me in for the night. The next day, Susan went to the BAC to see if I was owned by someone and the wonderful BAC receptionist remembered my mom’s name and number and called her. She quickly came to Bac- brought me to Dr. Busch who examined me, gave me shots, neutered me, and a bunch of other nasty stuff to get me ready for my new family. I now live with my mom, Carol, my grandmother and my new brother Lucas who is 4 years old. I now sleep anywhere I want, eat anything and everything, play, cuddle, fight with Lucas, entertain my mom and grandma and am so grateful to all the BAC staff for loving and caring about all the critters that come to them. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. I have a great life.



Thank you Dylan and Carol. We’re so glad we could help bring your new family member back to you.

Carol letter Dylan letter

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