Nov 26 2012

Peanut's Story, Part 1





Yesterday, two Emory Law students, Francesca and Owen, brought us a cat in serious need of BAF help. Peanut, a stray they unofficially adopted one year ago, was found underneath a porch with severe damage to his jaw. It looks as though Peanut has been hit by a car or fallen out of a tree. Either way, the damage to his jaw is bad enough to prevent eating, drinking, and even closing his mouth. Even with an injury this painful, however, Peanut remained incredibly calm and affectionate throughout the examination of his jaw.

When Briarcliff’s Dr. Bannister and Dr. Muller took X-Rays of the jaw this morning, they concluded that Peanut needs his jaw wired shut as soon as possible so healing can begin to take place. This surgery is more expensive than Francesca and Owen (or our friends at FurKids) can afford, so Briarcliff Animal Foundation is stepping in to insure Peanut gets the care he needs.

Peanut has a long way to go, but the BAF ¬†will keep you updated on how Peanut’s surgery goes, and how his recovery is progressing.

If your interested in giving Peanut a loving, long-term home after he’s recovered from his injury, call Briarcliff Animal Clinic at (404) 835- 1216.

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