Dec 13 2012

Peanut's Story (Q&A)

Peanut is continuing to recover in foster care, but we recently received several questions regarding Peanut’s recovery that weren’t covered in the previous posts. I thought we could take a moment to answer them here:

Q: Which Briarcliff Doctor performed Peanut’s surgery?

A: At Briarcliff, we benefit from having 13 doctors on staff, each with their own medical specialties and passions. Peanut has been seen by Dr. Busch, Dr. Odle, Dr. Bannister and Dr. Muller. The actually surgery was performed by Dr. Bannister, with Dr. Muller attending.

Q: What did Peanut eat with his jaw wired?

A: Peanut has been eating baby food and wet cat food mixed with water since his surgery.

Q: How did Peanut get his name?

A: Peanuts foster parents originally wanted to call him Pinot (as in the wine) because his grey and white coloring made him look sophisticated, but they soon realized the cat’s personality was much more “Peanut-like” (their words). They started calling him Peanut, and never looked back.

Q: Who do I contact about adopting Peanut?

A: If you’re interested in rescuing Peanut, you can contact Catherine Muller with the Briarcliff Animal Clinic by sending an email to

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