Sep 13 2013

Friday the 13th: Black cats get a bad wrap

black cat

In honor of Friday the 13th, we’re going to talk about some of the most misunderstood animals we see at Briarcliff Animal Clinic: BLACK CATS!

Black cats have never had it easy here in the United States. American’s have long considered them omens of bad luck and have unfairly linked them to witchcraft for centuries. In reality, the color of an animal’s coat has no bearing on their temperament, intellect or health… nor is it evidence of evil magic  or bad fortune. In fact, many other cultures actually prize the black cat as a sign of future prosperity and health. Places like Japan and the British Isles, for example, consider it good luck to have one cross your path.

But the truth is, black fur does not make a cat different from any other feline. However, a cat’s coat can tell us some important things about their health that owners should be aware of:

“Regardless of color, a clumpy or oily coat  may mean that your cat isn’t feeling well enough to groom or may have arthritis making it painful to groom. A cat that is grooming so much that he is getting bald or thinned fur could have skin problems or a painful skin area.”
-Dr. Janice Floyd, Associate DVM at Briarcliff Animal Clinic

Superstitions continue to cause many potential pet owners to shy away from adopting black cats. There is actually now a National Black Cat Adoption Day (August 16th) to help shelters and rescue groups raise awareness of the many wonderful black felines still awaiting adoption. The Briarcliff Animal Foundation recently took in a little black kitten who will be ready for a new home sometime next month. To see all the current BAF’s looking for homes, visit our petfinder page at


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