Oct 17 2013

Shelby, the Churrah Sheep

This week, Briarcliff saw a very unusual patient: Shelby the baby Churrah Sheep!

Shelby 3

Shelby was born last week at the Oakleaf Farm in Atlanta. Oakleaf is a non-profit farm used by the Berea Mennonite Church for educational programming and school field trips. Only 5 days old, little Shelby was injured after a dog got into the barn where Shelby and her mother were resting. Shelby’s mom became spooked and accidentally stomped on the little one’s leg. When Shelby came through the door, the Briarcliff Animal Foundation decided to help fund the treatment and care of this little one.

Turner         shelby 2

Dr. Turner generously took the lead on Shelby’s case and consulted with large animal veterinarians at UGA to figure out how she could help Shelby! After X-rays, Dr. Turner saw that Shelby’s left rear tibia was broken…badly! She splinted the leg and gave the farm hands thorough instruction on how to handle Shelby’s treatment in the future. In a couple days, Shelby will be back to see Dr. Turner to make sure everything is healing appropriately.

shelby the sheep

We’ll keep you updated on little Shelby’s treatment.

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